Welcome to the S.LI.DES. Dashboard. The Dashboard aims at supporting city managers and their stakeholders in their strategy and decision-making processes, as well as in the assessment of the implemented actions. Visitors and citizens too can benefit from the dashboard, thanks to focused information that can enhance sustainable behaviors and improve the quality of the experience in the tourist destinations.

The S.LI.DES. project, of which the Dashboard is one of the main outputs, aims at building a Smart Destination Ecosystem, namely an integrated knowledge system supported by innovative technologies. Through the ecosystem, tourism destinations can: monitor tourism and non-tourism performances from different urban perspectives (economic, social, environmental, cultural, mobility, etc.); control visitor mobility (mainly pedestrian) within the city, and relate it to the POIs location (paying attention to tangible and intangible heritage) and to the organization of events. Tourism destinations can therefore enhance their tourism potential and improve visitors’ experience.

The Dashboard is the surface of a dynamic system that shall automatically upload data from different sources on a regular basis. However, the tool is now a prototype of an ongoing process that will go beyond the end of the S.LI.DES. project. In fact, it will be essential for each destination, according to its specific needs, to find the more appropriate enduring arrangements to regularly get crucial data and to use them for the creation of a smart destination.

The S.LI.DES. Destination Dashboard provides a user-friendly Web panel, which displays data and information about the city, with a focus on tourism, urban mobility, cultural identity and crafts.
It is divided into six sections, specifically designed to provide the user with a wide overview: City at a glance; Tourism; Culture and crafts; Environment; Accessibility and mobility; City popularity & attractiveness.

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